Tips to quit drinking soda Pop

Tips to Quit Drinking Soda Pop

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While it's common knowledge that our bodies are made
up of mostly water, and therefore we should continuously
be drinking it, there are reasons as to why we should
actually avoid sugary drinks altogether.

So, if you’re someone who is addicted to this sweet treat,
keep on reading, because you may be shocked to find out just
how bad that delicious drink is for you!

Whenever you drink your calories, be it in the form of soda
or an alcoholic beverage, your brain gets thrown off track.

You see, when we consume solid food our brain is able to
calculate the number of calories. But that's not the case when
drinking our calories.

Our brain goes, ‘Wait, what’s going on here? Why can’t I figure
these calories out?’

In addition to consuming more calories, drinking this stuff
can also have some nasty, long-term effects on your overall health.

Just because you can’t see it on the outside doesn’t mean that
other stuff is going on internally!

Type 2 diabetes is a national epidemic in America, thanks to
the availability and relatively low-cost of soda and sugary,
liquid concoctions.

All of that extra sugar wreaks havoc on our metabolism, so
it ends up going into overdrive. Sometimes so much that we
lose our ability to break down sugar and end up with type 2
diabetes, which is, in its most simplistic form, the inability
to process sugar.

Our bodies work hard enough as it is, so let’s not give them
even more work!

Drinking liquid sugar also contributes to obesity, which is
yet another national epidemic.

Our bodies are only supposed to weigh so much, and when we
consume extra calories we pack on the pounds.

Packing on the pounds, especially in the waistline-which is
where sugary drinks love to hang out-puts added pressure on
our guts to burn off that excess sugar.

Medical professionals are constantly telling their patients
to stay away from soft drinks, especially large servings.

So, if you’re someone who just loves a 40 ounce cola with your
daily lunch, it’s time to start cutting back and switching to

I know, I know this is a hard one. This is my vice for sure. 
What works best for me is to try cutting your daily soda 
intake down a little each day and gradually ween yourself off of the sugar.
Often times you are trying to break two bad habits, sugar and                                                        caffeine. This can be a very tall order to quit two things at once.     
 Go slow and even go to every other day and then only on weekends.

The more you do it, the less you’ll crave it. It won’t be long
before you’re drinking a big liter of water everyday instead of
all of those excess calories!

All of this is just further proof that you should eliminate
sugary drinks from your diet and consume more water. 
One of the easiest ways that I have found to quit drinking pop is to 
not forget to take my supplements. Amazingly when you don't 
have dips in your blood sugar you do not crave as much. 

For me that is the secret.
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