Revitalizing the Mind and Body: Colors and Scents That Energize (Part 7 of 8 part series)

Colors and Scents That Add Pep to Your Step

One way to get more energy is to incorporate essential oils and color therapy into your life. Studies show that certain colors provide energy, while others provide calmness, and some even make you hungry. Fast food restaurants use color extensively to get you in and out fast, and movie theaters and malls often pump in the smell of popped corn or other food to get their customers to buy more food.

If it’s good enough for retail, it’s good enough for you. After all, they’ve spent the money on the studies and if it didn’t work, they would have stopped doing it already.

The Right Colors for the Right Moods

Try to find ways to incorporate the right colors for the right mood you want to elicit in yourself and others into the rooms and environment that you want them to feel that way in. For example, red and violet are known as energy colors, but they may also cause problems with concentration. If you work in a high energy place, red and violet can work, but if you want to make people feel happy and also productive, choose green and yellows.

Just because you want to be energetic doesn’t mean everything should be red, but it may mean that the wall in the exercise room should be red. It may also mean that any room you want to relax in should be a shade of blue. This is a great color for a waiting room, for example. A soft blue that is almost white can be very soothing.

The Right Scents for the Right Moods

Scents can also make a huge difference in your energy levels. However, be cautious because some people are allergic to scents. If you’re using high-quality essential oils, you may have more luck with scents for energy.

Some scents that can provide energy are:

⦁    Orange
⦁    Eucalyptus
⦁    Lemon
⦁    Cedarwood
⦁    Grapefruit
⦁    Peppermint
⦁    Spearmint
⦁    Cinnamon
⦁    Basil
⦁    Rosemary
⦁    Ginger
⦁    Thyme
⦁    Juniper
⦁    Neroli

The best thing to do is to buy the best essential oils you can afford and then experiment. Give each new scent at least 21 days before you make a judgment, unless it causes sinus issues or allergic reactions. Since there are so many essential oil scents that can be mood lifters and energy boosters, you have a lot to choose from. Remember, if you want to be energetic tomorrow, use something calming at night. Only use the ones above during the time that you want to feel more energetic.

Make sure to check out the links at bottom of this post, to the other 7 parts of this series.

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